Corporate Approach

Now your profile is complete and it is time to look at using it to generate new business for you. May we suggest a viral opportunity. We will place your profile in an electronic magazine with a minimum of four others. 

You will be on the cover of the magazine and you will disperse it to your sphere of influence through your email database, connections on Linkedin, followers on Facebook as well as your blog. As you distribute your profile, the magazine, which also contains the stories of at least four other non-competing businesses, is broadcast. 

Each of the other profilees will do the same thing. This has the opportunity to take your message viral


Basic plus $1000 = $3495

To include a Social Media PR Campaign that will enhance your Linkedin Connections by a mininimum of 200 plus signing you up on 25 other Social Media sites. Add $995

How Would This Look?

Business cover

Business cover

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