Seven Benefits/Pillars of Success


Success Sells is based on "The Seven Pillars of Success" 

1. Successful people are never content to plateau. They always want to do better, to achieve more, and scale the next mountain. They are constantly alert to ways in which they can improve themselves, improve their product, improve their position in the market etc. As such, they are very interested in learning how to incorporate successful strategies into their lives and careers, and consequently, reading our profiles.

Profiles of Success® recognizes this phenomenon and fulfills this need. We focus on all areas of success and/or potential improvement to make every reader even more successful. That means that other successful people in a variety of industries will read your profile. These are people with money. This is phenomenal exposure!


2. Your profile can be used as a Powerful Marketing Tool that will generate business growth. As other business leaders read about your success, they are getting to know you and building a relationship foundational to doing business with you. Basically, people want to do business with people they know and trust.

A marketing tool like this profile, can generate a powerful tie to both new and existing clients, one that will both increase your business and your success.


3. Stories Grab Attention that Lasts. In a world where reality shows are so popular, one can easily identify the principle that people are keenly interested in other people, so yes, the stories work. Stories grab attention.

The London School of Business found that people retain 65 to 70 percent of information shared via a story versus only 5 to 10 percent of information conveyed through statistics. Relatively speaking, it’s like comparing a press release to an article. Articles generate interest and are read while press releases seem like just more advertising. No one wants to endure one more ad. No one wants to “be sold.” But reading success stories. That peaks their interest.


4. Our products Build Trust. Not only do people tend to believe what they read, we have found that this third party endorsement feature maximizes your marketing potential. See a sampling of our testimonials.

People want to work with successful people who can get the job done right, the first time. They are willing to pay for the confidence that they will be pleased with the outcome. Profiles of Success® puts them in touch with such people, so they visit our website again and again.


5. Esteem. People love to know and be known by successful people. This principle can be seen in the phenomenon of name-dropping: “I hired so & so to market my home.” “So & so looks after my account.” “My home was decorated by so & so.” Readers of will do this for you! Word of mouth is a powerful way to build your business reputation, especially with a written profile on a Success Site to back it up.


6. Stories influence behavior. Ninety percent of the time, people buy based on emotion and justify the purchase through intellectual proof. Most sales organizations promote benefits, completely ignoring the emotional importance of their target. Stories build and reinforce relationships, convey complex ideas easily and persuasively, and enhance success in sales. Without an interesting story to hold a customer’s attention, salespeople can’t count on establishing long-term relationships or making a sale.

7. Networking. Successful people want to associate with other successful people. They want to use their connections tomake those connections work for them to develop even more connections. You can reap great benefits and a substantial ROI through participating in our program.

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