Once the graphics people take the photographs and the story and design a "Success Profile."

They send you a preliminary copy for proof reading.

At this point you need to scrutinize the document to make sure that every word and detail is exactly correct. Reply with changes noted all in one group of instructions. These will be implemented and when done, one final proof copy will be sent to you for one final check, just to be sure.

Final work is then done to prepare the Profile for distribution.


If you make ALL the changes required using the initial proof copy, then "NO" extra charges will be generated. And yes, if you see something later, send it along immediately and we will correct our copy right away. No problem. There is no limited to the number of corrections we will make in that week. We want this exactly perfect for you.

Note: If you require multiple proof copies sent to you (after the one final proof copy), then extra charges will be applied at a rate of $25 each. Which only makes sense. Making the actual changes takes a specific and expected amount of time and there are no extra charges for that. 

However, compiling the document for proofing, making the pdf, sending you the email, all take more time. That done numerous times really adds to the workload and therefore must be charged for.

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