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"I have found Success Magazine to be a very good marketing tool ... so many positive comments as well as actual business as a result." M.G.


"We have found the Profiles of Success article to be like a third party stamp of approval ... its like the icing on the cake during our listing presentation." G. & D. B.


"The Success magazine generated the most positive feedback for me FROM ANY MARKETING I have used in my 23 years. Because the article is written as a third part, it does not appear as a gag-fest. I reckon I have made a least six sales directly as a result of the article, not to mention a lot of solid positive feedback that cannot be measured in dollars and cents." A.B.


"The impact of our magazine has been hard to believe... with people even coming for their "free hugs" and saying they cannot get over the beautiful front cover picture. (your photographer did a fantastic job) Over the years Ingrid has been in many TV things, even had a great picture of herself on a front page in Toronto Star (picture looks like Mono Lisa), and none generated as much response and enthusiasm  … with people saying they are saving the magazine. And all of a sudden she is even getting new orders from corporations … and book launches (baby book) … and development launches (Young/Yorkville complex). Right this moment she said she is also doing something for Report-on-Business media presentation …  and something about Profit magazine … and I heard there is something big chocolate order for Rogers  … which makes her very busy in addition to all the Easter stuff she has. Even workers at "Dominions" keep coming to praise her, saying her article is up on display in the Lunch Room.  And oh yes, she just did a 10 minute first of studio-tapings for a Biography TV new series, with crew coming back soon to the store for more taping. Ingrid says the guy who took Tim Horton's to great success was being taped next right after her at the studio + they just told her they would love her on yet another series. Thanks again in your help in all this." T.S.


"Your writer wrote an interesting and informative article that was unlike other ‘mining’ related pieces. She was a pleasure to work with, professional, on time (in fact, ahead of time) and intelligently insightful. What an asset you folks have in her. We have gotten a number of comments about the piece from people working in the downtown core, one in particular from a local TV personality who saw it and made a point to write and tell us that she saw the article and thought it was great! You and your colleagues did a wonderful job for us and we are delighted with the results!" L.R. 


"Thank you !! I am so happy with the work you all did - The magazines are being so wonderfully received !! Wishing YOU every Success !!!!" J.B. 


"I found the magazine to be a great tool, I've sent the extra copies I bought from you out to all my clientele, and also to new people I meet as contacts. I also use them for Open Houses, combining them with feature sheets. I have been told by many people that they've seen the article in many different offices, and this business is all about contacts, so no regrets on my part about working with you folks." O.C. 


"We received great positive feedback from the Success magazine. It has helped identify us even more in our farm areas and our article has a personal business theme to it that will make people aware of both sides of our Team" ... "A couple of my past clients said how proud they are of us, and I know they are showing it to others. That's what you want. Keep it and show it to others." K.S.


"The magazine has been delivered to V7R and I have received many positive comments. Thank-you for an excellent presentation." S.C. 


"I had Canada Post deliver the magazine in my farm area and have received so many positive comments as well as actual business as a result. I'm glad that I was featured" M.G. 


"Thanks for all of your help and guidance in the writing and production of my exciting issue of Profiles of Success. My clients have been most impressed, and the first listing presentation that I went on I got the listing even though a close relative of the seller was an agent too! They told me they were very excited to be working with such a high profile agent ... and their relative/agent told them to use me too! ... My only regret is that I did not have more printed and distributed!" R.H.


"I am very happy with the response I received from your magazine!! I distributed it to my farm area and had several favorable responses and even got a listing from it!!!! I now include it in my listing package which is very effective ... Thanks again." P.R. When my magazine was distributed, phone calls, emails and notes of congratulations came from associates, clients and friends... The front cover did it: "a knockout cover". One young couple got their magazine in London and not even seriously contemplating a move looked at a country property, bought it and I sold their house." J.W.

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"Wow, your writer is brilliant!!!!!! I love what was written! D.K.


"I am very happy with the magazines, it is a marketing tool I use daily and get good response." L.B.


"Just a brief note to let you know of the positive feedback I've received on the feature article that we did. My past clients who received this article were particularly impressed. I've also find it to be a very powerful tool in listing presentation with potential new clients. Thank you!" J.A.


"I just received my copies of the magazine and am ecstatic. "Just Awesome". I am now heading out to Newfoundland on holidays and going to take some with me to show my family." W.V.


The "Profile of Success" publication is above anything I've seen in this category, in Canada or abroad. Its contents are well and intelligently written. It offers a wealth of principles, ideas, insight, analysis, and directions. All of them in a clear, concise, easy to follow and understand manner. [In particular, it reveals a good numbers of areas where I need a good deal of improvement (oh gosh...)] Congratulations to the publisher and staff for a work well done." M.B.


"Thank you for asking me to take part in your magazine program. I am receiving wonderful feedback, both from my clients and my peers. The most touching feedback has come from my former teachers that are highlighted in the story. Thanks again, it was a pleasure to work with you and accomplish such a high quality result. K.R.


"Just to thank you for holding my hand and guiding me through 'the process'. I have received numerous phone calls and emails congratulating me on the magazine. I thought I would pass this on." B.R.


"I am writing to thank you for the opportunity to be featured in your magazine Profiles of Success, the Maritime Edition. At first I was skeptical of the benefit of such an advertising venue and concerned as to the amount of time required to do a good presentation. The excellent organization of this magazine soon relieved my concerns. They set up a realistic time line knowing I was a working Broker in the midst of PEI’s selling season. From doing the pictures to the proofing of my story, all involved were patient and helpful and in the end made me proud of what was produced. As for the expenditure, I have already received it back two fold through gained business as a direct result of my exposure in this publication. Again, I say thank you and wish you much continued success with your magazine." D.B.


"To the nice people at Success magazine: Thank you for your beautiful article on our shop, and the front-cover picture that captured so nicely the image of my business. Canada needs more features reporting on small businesses and exploring insights on business-owner views, especially secrets to success … as well as problems in the struggles along the way … plus has the nerve to challenge facts! And all this your reporter did without the rush to simply parroting back words. What particularly impressed me was the effort put into getting detailed information before the article was published. Best regard." I.L.S. Swiss-Master Chocolatier, Toronto


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